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OilMedic provides lubricant testing for your day-to-day driving needs, for your car, truck, or motor home; in fact, any internal combustion engine. If you drive it, we'll test it! Now here's a place where you don't just read information, but a service that delivers you money saving maintenance solutions.

Your car is probably your second major investment, after your home, but is constantly a concern when maintenance and repairs are required.

How often have you felt good after having had repairs made?

Did you ever wish you could have done some preventive maintenance to minimize or predict an expensive repair?

Can you really determine whether that used car can give you the service you expect from it after just a test drive and a mechanicís external once-over?

These days, with cars and repairs being so expensive, you need a way to control your costs now more than ever.

OilMedic provides you with right technology to measure wear, lubricant degradation and the mechanism of wear found in your systems. To get started on your condition monitoring program, follow the three-step guideline below.

Saab Specific Oil Test


Click here to Download the Saab Specific Study

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