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Sampling the oil The bottom line is that OilMedic tests oil. Actually, we can test various fluids from your engine, including the transfer case, transmission fluid and engine oil, to assess the engine's actual mechanical condition.

Just like a doctor can look at a blood sample and tell some good things and bad things about you, we can do the same for your engine. Now, consider the fact that you have to go and have the nurses draw blood from you. We’ve worked out a way so that you can draw the "blood" from your vehicle. It's easy and we give you instructions.

So you draw the "blood" and send it to the lab, where we run some tests and give you the results. That’s it.

And just like a doctor can order several levels of testing on your blood, depending on what they’re looking for, we can also do several levels of tests on the fluid samples you send.

Test results can help you to:

  • Assess the "actual" condition of an engine
  • Predict potential failures
  • Identify failing components
  • Provide a second opinion on a recommended repair

Result reports have been written in an easy-to-read style, and you can see the "big picture" when you look at the health status, which is the summary of all the test results. Look at a sample report here!

We offer testing services at three different levels: Basic, extended, and premium.

More details about what we do and how we do it are in the site. Take a look around! There’s lots of boring technical stuff, which is why we came up with this page.

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