Laboratory Test Price Schedule:

Type of Oil Sample Analysis Options
  Basic    Extended  Premium
Engine Oil $23.00  $30.00  $100.00
Transmission $23.00 $30.00 $100.00
Transfer Case $23.00 $30.00  $100.00

10 packs of each analysis option is available at 10x the individual sample cost. Contact Us to obtain the discount code to obtain a discount:

  • 10% off with one 10 pack purchase
  • 20% off with two 10 pack purchase
  • Buy 3 10 packs and get the 4th FREE

Oil Sampling Equipment:

Sampling Pumps and Accessories Costs
Bottle, filler syringe, tubing (Available in Our Store) - these can be used multiple times with proper cleaning
Vacuum sampling pump, plastic (Available in Our Store)

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(Images of Supplies & The Oil Sampling Process)


The range of tests conducted on your fluids will depend on the depth of analysis that you require. Regardless of the level of analysis you select -- Basic, Extended or Premium -- you will receive a comprehensive report. To review in greater detail specific areas covered in our report, please view our laboratory report.

All analytical costs include:

  • Shipping to You
  • Sample bottle(s)
  • 48-hour turnaround time - upon receipt of sample
  • A complete report in .pdf format, and


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