Fire, Rescue and EMS Condition Monitoring Program

OilMedic offers a national condition monitoring program for all volunteer and career fire, rescue and EMS departments. This lubricant analysis program provides your departments with valuable information that will allow you to make superior decisions regarding your apparatus, equipment and its maintenance. Oilmedic's program is unique, since we offer our testing and consulting services at a significant discount cost. That's right, complete service without a consideration of profit.

OilMedic has established a front line preventative maintenance program for fire, rescue and EMS apparatus and equipment. This program provides the ultimate in cost-efficient maintenance essentials. The following is a summary of OilMedic's condition monitoring program's benefits:

Fire and Rescue
  • For the safety of the all responders, detect engine problems early so they can be repaired before they compromise safety or become a major expense.
  • Assess whether your investment will last the length of time required due to abnormal wear trends.
  • Allows a shortened repair cycle, since troubleshooting can be reduced, allowing service to go right to the problem.
  • Prevent wasting money on early oil changes or repairing engine components needlessly by monitoring both the positive and negative operating parameters.
  • Increases the used resale value by using OilMedic's program history as proof of proper maintenance.
  • Allows you to schedule maintenance downtime.
  • Provides this service at cost.

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