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OilMedic, Inc. is currently entertaining business opportunities for distribution/dealership, joint venture and/or with potential strategic partners. As we mature other opportunities for joint product development, marketing, and merchandising may also become available. If you or your company is interested in any of these opportunities, please fill out the following form.

Thank you for your interest in OilMedic, Inc.!

1) In which of the following business opportunities with OilMedic are you, your company or your organization interested? (Check all that apply):

Distribution/Dealership Joint Venture
New Technology Licensing Associated Product Merchandising

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2) What type of business or organization are you representing? (Check all that apply):

Automotive Business Manufacturing Business
Potential Oilmedic Sponsor Non-Profit Organization
Non-Military Government Agency Individual Investor (accredited investors only)
Investment Banker Professional Association
Foundation Laboratory

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Please provide enough additional information in the space below to allow us to understand more about you or your company. Include any other information that will help us get acquainted, such as company web sites, major customers, etc. It is helpful to let us know the best time of day to reach you by telephone.

Information provided on this form will be kept confidential.

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